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We have created an extensive range of courses to suit your exact business and personal needs. We offer various Microsoft Office training and MapInfo courses, from new user courses to upgrade courses. We have also website, graphic and business application courses specifically created for the evolving entrepreneur. Additionally we have courses for the adult learners who are just beginning to cultivate their computer skills.

We offer various options for your knowledge transference. Learners can chose from ready-made courses or learning can tailored to include only the learning objectives that you need. Unless otherwise indicated each course includes: a learner's manual, post-course exercises, a quick reference card and one month of email and text based support.

In-person, ready-made courses start at $25 while custom-tailored courses and workshops start at $40 per hour. Package discounts are available when 2 or more courses are purchased. Flat rates available for groups of 6 or more.

For online learners, live one-on-one and group questions and solution sessions starts at $15 and learning sessions starts at $30.

This course will show learners how to design and produce presentations that look professional and enhance a presentation's delivery by fully engaging the audience with…
This course is designed to show learners how use templates to build custom presentations and introduce the usage of graphical and animated content.
This course will show learners how to build effective, interesting PowerPoint presentations that use the advanced features of the program.

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Proper training is the cornerstone of the successful implementation of a company's business objectives and mission. Presentation Guru is a training firm that specializes in customized Microsoft Office, project management, website, graphics and proprietary training for law firms, ad agencies, city agencies, small businesses and individuals.

As technology continues its dynamic evolution, PresGuru's Technical Training team offers innovative and diverse training solutions for the specialized methods that are necessary to meet current business needs, and for an individual's professional development goals. Our team believes in empowerment through learning. We have spent years cultivating knowledge transference formulas for the adult learner that enhances the comprehension and retention of learning objectives.