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DIY Design for Individiuals

Segment Overview:

You have a design project… Money is tight so you can't hire a graphic designer so you decide to DIY. You try using silhouettes, colorful backgrounds and oversized fonts, but your designs still look a drab and unexciting? Learning how you can take your designs to the next level can be accomplished in less than 90 minutes.

What Will Be Learned:

This learning session will provide you the framework for understanding graphics files, designer jargon and design concepts. You will also explore various design applications and designer resources. By the end of this course you have a solid context for graphic design, real-world design solutions, understanding what a graphic artist does, when to hire a graphic designer and how to communication your project's needs so you get exactly what you want the first time around.

  • Learning to Speak the Language of the Designer

  • Battle of the Files: Web vs Print

  • Design Concepts for Non-Dummies

  • Arming Yourself for Design: Review of Commercial and Free Apps

  • A Peek Into A Designer's Treasure Chest

Who It This Segment For?:

This segment is ideal for DIYers looking to learning more about design


Learner should be comfortable using a computer, previous design experience is not required.

About Our Learning Portal:

In our learning portal allow learns the ability to view the instructor's screen, take control, text chat with other learners, share documents and ask questions using chat or their computer mic. A video of the sharing segment will available for all participants 30 days after the course has taken place. Upon payment, learners will receive a link to the portal for the learning session.

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